Home Systems is one of the large independent cable television MSO (DAS 'A' category license holder) & Internet service provider (ISP license 'A' category) in India. Incorporated in 1991, Home Cable is one of the first Cable TV service providers in Mumbai. Since Inception, we have been known for our quality service and unmatched content. With use of most advanced technology we have managed to spread to a cluster of subscribers across Mumbai & India. Today we have an excellent track record in providing 'Infotainment and Entertainment' by challenging the best in the industry with the most cost effective solutions.

Home Cable subscribers enjoy improved clarity in television reception and an increasingly broad array of exciting information and entertainment programming. Whether it is Cable or Internet, ultimately these businesses are about delivering service. Anyone can produce a product, but not everyone can deliver it the way we do. We understand this and therefore thrive on the fact that we have achieved and set standards, in providing the very best in CATV services & Broadband Internet.

Home Cable's vision for the future is to deliver even more advanced services to the customers including video-on-demand and interactive subscription, digital cable television service through, conditional access and IPTV, Voice over IP, streaming video on demand with high-speed Internet data connectivity as well as many other exciting & innovative services.