Set Top Box

A box that converts analogue signals to digital. Improving picture & sound quality. A must have for everyone.

Standard Set Top Box

Watch your favourite channels on your SD box. With an EPG in place you can view the list of programs. Transfering analogue cable to digital with a better picture quality & more channels. Channels suitable for all ages. Plan your programs with your family. Enjoy that weekend together.


High Defination Set Top Box

Dont miss your favourite TV show, Record anything that comes to your HD Set Top Box. No need to have another connection in your house just because you're missing out on TV. Keep family & friends close. Enjoy those family times without worrying about missing your favourite TV show. Crazy about cricket & have to go for an important meeting? Just push record & relax. Enjoy the HD quality with superior sound even on a recorded playback.

  1. 5 times better picture & sound quality that regular SD Box
  2. 3D games & radio for a little extra fun
  3. Free installation
  4. Special home Cable channels with live streaming of festivals

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